Facebook giving more control over your profile picture

Facebook has always been concerned about building an online community by understanding the needs of its users. Profile pictures are something that people want to have more control on and this is something Facebook has been working over the past year.

Today Facebook announced that it has introduced a new feature that gives more control to users over their profile picture. This is a feature that allows users to control how their profile photo can be used and accessed by others.

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Following are the safety measures that are being offered with the new photo guard feature,

  1.  This feature prevents other users from downloading a person’s profile picture, or even sharing it with others.

  2. This feature also prevents other users from tagging other people in a person’s profile picture.

  3.  Screenshots of a person’s profile pic cannot be taken with the introduction of this feature. This is initially being offered for the Android app.

A blue border and a shield around a user’s profile pic appears when this feature is activated. Right now as the pilot program has been announced in India therefore Facebook has partnered with an Indian illustrator for achieving the safety controls.

This feature has been introduced in India as through research Facebook found that most women in the country do not prefer to share their profile pictures. That’s because of the safety concerns on the internet of the photos with their faces visible.

The platform believes that this might be a good solution for such women. With the guard option enables, it is 75% less likely for anyone to copy a profile picture. Although, this feature is being currently run in India but Facebook confirms that it will be expanded to other countries soon.

Via: Tech Crunch


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