Most common punctuation mistakes that leave bad impression

It is often common among many people to punctuate poorly or incorrectly. Many people do not know how to use the punctuation properly because they don’t see its importance. They often double up the punctuations when they come to an end of a sentence. Punctuation plays a very important role in giving an intended meaning to out content. Wrong use of the punctuation can even change the meaning of our sentence completely and can even turn them into a complete nonsense.

Use of punctuation in a wrong way can make people question your ability and can undercut your intelligence. Following are the most common punctuation mistakes that you can avoid for saving your reputation.

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Numerous commas:

Incorporating too many commas in your sentence makes your writing hard to progress. This creates unnatural stops in the flow of your ideas which becomes irritating for the reader. The best way is to read your work aloud and search for places where it feels a comma is causing an unnecessary pause.

Like: this is to tell you, that I am feeling good today, because of weather.

Double exclamation points:

While writing a work email, there is no need for double exclamation points. Using double exclamation marks while talking to friend may not seem very inappropriate but it gives a very bad impression when it comes to work email. This could be seen as red flag at many places.

Like: !!

Ugly hyphens:

Hyphens need to be used very carefully as they can be used in a clean as well as an ugly way. Separate the words for emphasis and locate the misplaced hyphen to make the correction.

Like: Lesson 1- Introductions, could have been instead Lesson 1: Introductions


Smileys can be included when you are writing an unofficial email. But it can make your business relationship a bit awkward. Therefore avoid using emojis for email introduction and other business correspondence.

Like: :), you hated that no? 🙂

Using all CAPS:

Writing in CAPS gives the impression that you are yelling at the reader. So always write sentences in a normal manner and keep the CAPS lock unclicked.


Two spaces:

After a period, once space is required for writing emails or other content. More than once space can drive readers almost crazy.

Like: I will see you at 6 Sharp on Wednesday.  Mark your calendar.

Via: Business Insider

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