Experts leaving Google’s self-driving car project because of handsome payment made to them

Google’s self-driving car project is acting no less than a talent sieve for the company. The changes in leadership, new startup visions, and strategy doubts are pushing people out of the company. One other important factor that is making it possible for experts to leave the company is money and it’s a lot of it.

Previously, the Google had a compensation system that used to provide large payouts based on a project’s value. But since 2015, the experts were given such supersized payments that they considered job security worthless anymore. This situation made them more open to other available opportunities that they may have previously denied.

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Recently, experts from Alphabet which is a Google’s parent company, resigned from their posts. That’s because they were presented larger payouts based on the valuation of the company’s self-driving-car division. The huge payments provided come of the employees to remain working for the company whereas some preferred to go on with their own self-driving car startups and initiatives.

Larger payouts are not the only reason for experts leaving the company; there are many other factors as well. But supersized payouts seem to be a significant cause for this loss. There is no information on how much payment was given and to whom. But over the last few years, company has suffered loss of its major employees. The experts include the former head of the division Chris Urmson. And it also includes Brian Salesky under whom the company named Argo AI originated and even received a payment last week of $1 billion from Ford.

It’s still unclear about the precise metrics that the division was measured by and also what caused the bonuses to balloon. But Waymo, a self-driving-car company that launched under Alphabet, is focusing completely now on associating with third-party car producers for integrating self-driving capabilities to vehicles.

Via: Business Insider

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