Expect A Surprise on October 4th – Google

Google has launched a big campaign about October 4th. It is expected to tell the world about its own phone and seems to be super serious about selling it big.

https://madeby.google.com/ shows a animated transition from search bar to a mobile phone and site is collecting email addresses to notify about October 4th.

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Google is pushing a kicking tagline “Made by Google” and it is advertising it aggressively. The company did not do such heavy advertisement campaign for its phone brand “Nexus” and it is believed that nexus may well be replaced by “Pixel“.

Nexus phones were never able to sell big and could not gain popularity as Samsung or Huawei brands. There are reports of boot loop problem in the phones after upgrading to Android 7.0.

Apple created a big hype about September 7th and it was not a disappointment by any means, will Google be able to meet expectations with the hype it is creating for October the 4th?


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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