World’s Famous Companies Logos Have A Hidden Meaning

In this list, lets take a look at 9 famous companies LOGO and their hidden meaning. Every logo has a story, a history and not many people know what meaning they depict. Let’s take a look


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BMW is not about cars, it has aviation roots too. The blue and white reflect propeller in motion. Some pundits say blue and white also refer to Bavarian flag colors.








The Tri-Star represents the company’s services and quality in land, sea and air.


This is a very creative logo, notice the arrow pointing towards right side direction which depicts company’s commitment towards clients in a right direction and growth for the future.










An Apple a day keep the doctor away, just kidding. The Apple logo refers to the “Tree of knowledge” in bible story of Adam and Eve.







Google has four primary colors in a sequence and then they break the patron, it is done to show that the company is playful and also shows Google is not a company that plays by the rules.








The Adidas logo shows strength, the three obstacles refer to the mountain which people need to overcome.







Do you see the orange arrow below the word amazon?. It starts from a and ends at z which tells amazon has got everything covered, from a to z.







The three ellipses are three hearts, the heart of customer, product and technology.










A story of strength and loyalty, red refers to strength and blue towards faithfulness.


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