Essential content marketing trends of 2020

Without content, your web pages will be blank and your social media pages will be empty. It has long been accepted that having the right content is critical for improving your online visibility and the audience reach of any business. However, simply creating content and publishing it on a platform of your choosing is not enough. Content marketing, like every form of digital marketing, goes through changes. Driven by technology and by audience demand, content marketing trends come and go. That means brands that hope to maintain growth through marketing need to prioritize their content creation and their sharing tactics for maximum value. Here are the content marketing trends that you need to make use of in 2020.

Going Visual

When most people think of content they think of written articles. While text posts continue to be of high value, those words need to be accompanied by next-level visuals. When you look at social media, it is the visual platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok that are growing in popularity as the most high-value content platforms for users. Updating your use of visuals is going to be critical in 2020, with augmented reality filters and brand-made gifs proving to be popular elements for content. As AR (and VR) continue to evolve, brands that want to stay one step ahead of the competition should start looking now at how they can make use of these growing technologies to continue giving consumers what they are looking for.  

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Focus on EAT

In late 2019, Google announced through a blog update that some key priorities are going to be a necessity in 2020. Most digital marketers are already using the EAT (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness) guidelines for search engines. These make up the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, and with Google highlighting the continued use of EAT as a priority means that brands need to ensure that their EAT strategy is well-defined and managed. Improving your EAT rating can be challenging, and will need to be a part of your managed SEO campaign. Big names in the field can help you with this, with professional marketing teams like leading the way when it comes to continued online visibility.

Video Content

2019 saw demand for video content explode. As we head into 2020, video content is going to remain vital, but it will need to be aligned with brand storytelling. No matter your target audience or the platforms that they spend time on, video is making its presence felt in a big way. Brands that hope to stay ahead of the trends need to start creating the video content that matters. That means continuing to provide value with created content while establishing your brand tone of voice and brand culture. The key to high-quality video content is to ensure that you continue using the analytics and buyer personas that you have developed as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. These will make it easier to ensure that you are creating the video content that your audience wants to watch, and also works to attract entirely new consumers with its quality.

Content marketing is here to stay, but it does not remain static. Marketers need to know when and how content trends change so that they are more positioned to adapt to those shifts. Make sure that your business does not stick to the content strategy of last year, and your online reach will only benefit.

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