Children’s intelligence is boosted when they are given experiences instead of toys.

Ongoing research has uncovered that giving your kid an excessive number of things to play with can result in something contrary to the ideal impact – they may really be less motivated and happy.

Claire Lerner, a renowned researcher suggested that when children are given too many things to play with; they are overwhelmed and often distracted from things to learn from the toys.

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Her research was more compounded by works of Michael Malone a professor of ECE at the University of Cincinnati, he suggested by giving a child more toys leads to solitary confinement, which is not so good on the life of a child. He should be given exposure to experience things that creates memories and happiness.

A research study done on 3 to 5 years old resulted that spending time with your children is way better than buying them toys. This study showed that children who have fewer toys were not only emotionally strong and did well in school. But that depends on the union of parents. A happy family is a happy home. In the long run, children should be rewarded as it improves their fortitude.

Spending time with your children is far more valuable.

In recent article famous Psych Professor Mr. Gilvovich that happiness is derived from experiences not materialistic objects.

He further expanded on this notion that if you spend time with a child, he or she will cherish it for years but if you give them toys, they will consider it as a passage of time.

To wrap it up, happiness is derived from childhood experiences rather than buying expensive toys for your children. Spend time with them, show them places. Experiences give greater joy and happiness because they develop long-lasting memories.

The article originally appeared on iHeartIntelligence

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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