Drop these 6 bad habits if you want to be successful

You may be engaged in some of the negative behaviors such as procrastination, gossiping, or lack of punctuality but that does not necessarily make you a bad person. Although, as an employee, it can affect your productivity and even cost you your job.

Obviously, a single bad habit will not get you fired but the cumulative effect of all the bad habits over time can. You need to be aware of the few ways you are getting yourself into trouble and make an effort to avoid them in future. Following are the few bad habits you need to drop:

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Not drinking enough water:

Your productivity can drop because of many reasons but it may have never occurred to your mind that simple dehydration can be a cause of it too. The research has revealed that dehydrated workers suffer from reduced cognitive performance in areas such as short-term memory, attention, as well as reaction time. So if you keep yourself hydrated, it can make you work twelve times faster as compared to others.

Not taking breaks:

Most of the time people don’t take breaks and think that productivity comes only by working for longer hours. But what these people don’t understand is that when they do not take breaks to reorganize or rearrange; they emanate an aura of panic. Therefore, incorporate small breaks during your work and take deep breaths. This is going to calm you down and your productivity will naturally improve.

Not appreciating yourself:

Most of the time, you forget to appreciate yourself for the work you do well. Whereas, self-applause can keep you motivated on the track and makes you achieve your goals faster. You need to be happy with the success you have achieved and be proud of the contributions that make a difference in your work. Even small gestures or small rewards can keep you motivated for doing your work even better.

Displaying negative emotions:

Sometimes you display negative emotions in front of other people without even realizing that it can be really detrimental for your own progress. It not only destroys your reputation but also affects your team’s work. Therefore, actively voice positive thought about your work and it will help keep everyone in good spirits.

Not putting your phone away:

Researchers have revealed that people receiving a phone notification while working on tasks; make more mistakes even if they don’t even pick up the phone to respond. It is because even the smallest interruptions disturb the thought pattern and make it extremely hard to focus. Therefore, when you are doing your work put your phone away and you will clearly see your reputation improving and your productivity increasing.

Not speaking up for yourself:

When you don’t speak up for yourself when it is needed, other people think that you are just coasting and not actually interested in whatever you are working on. Even if you are afraid to be pushed back, do not stop yourself from saying what you actually think. Start making your opinions visible to others and don’t be afraid of the critiques.

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