Countries that produce the most doctoral graduates

In the nineteenth century, it was Germany that developed modern Ph.D. and required completion of a coursework. It involved the performance of original research work including an effective defense of a dissertation presenting the results of the research. The popularity of this model rose rapidly and other countries started adopting it. The countries requirements differentiated for achieving a Ph.D. qualification. But the central element always remained the independent research that makes a significant contribution to new knowledge.

The global success of the Ph.D. can be measured by the number or research doctorates that are produced annually. Now, many countries are aiming to increase the production of Ph.D. graduates. In 2011, American universities awarded 49010 in the year 2011 and 6780 universities were awarded by Australia. By 2020, India aims to graduate 20,000 Ph.D. are a year. Recognizing the rising global need of Ph.D. various universities around the world are responding in an effective way to these changes.

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There are few countries that are producing the most doctoral graduates annually. Following are the countries that produce the most Ph.D. graduates yearly,

  • United States:

The United States holds the first spot of producing the most doctoral graduates every year. 67,000 Ph.D. graduates pass from US universities every year.

  • Germany:

Germany successfully graduates 28,000 Ph.D. every year.

  • United Kingdom:

From UK, 25,000 Ph.D. graduate every year.

  • India:

Around 24,000 doctoral graduates pass the exam successfully in India every year.

  • Japan: 

16,000 Ph.D’s graduate annually from Japanese Universities.

  • France:

Annually 14,000 Ph.D. graduate from universities in France.

  • South Korea:

13,000 Ph.D. graduates pass annually from national universities in South Korea.

  • Spain:

Annually 11,000 Ph.D. attain degrees from universities in Spain.

  • Italy:

11,000 Ph.D. successfully graduate from the universities in Italy every year.

  • Australia:

Around 8,000 Ph.D. successfully graduate from Australian universities in a year.

In a complex and rapidly changing world, it is essential to nurture talent as a country’s national prosperity depends on having skilled, knowledgeable, and trained people. This boosts innovation and enables countries to respond effectively to the hugely complicated global problems and challenges. The universities around the world are maintaining their investment in educational sector despite keeping less for other areas.

Via: World Economic Forum

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