Chinese universities teach students how to go viral online

At the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College in China, students are typically offered classes for catwalks, makeup, and dance. The skills include the teaching of how to apply makeup, perform on camera, and provides information regarding various brands. This is something that is being shared with the virtual world by a 21-year-old student who walks around her campus in China and lives streams her thoughts.

Doing her majors in modeling and etiquette at Yiwu, Jiang Mengua is one of the young Chinese who have joined the cashing in on internet stardom. This is a group of Chinese students that is connecting directly to the country’s 700 million smartphone users. These students stream their live videos to lucrative effects, launching businesses, and fronting brands. The group of these students is known as Wanghong who are considered to be representing an industry which is worth billions.

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According to Jiang, in virtual gifts, she was rewarded immediate 60 yuan for sharing her emotions with small digital values. This is something that comprises as main income for many aspiring wanghong. According to one of the dance teacher, he switched from accounting to major in wanghong and has seen an increase in the demand because of the rapidly developing e-commerce industry.

More and more students are now following the footsteps of people in wanghong. Some of the students had no idea that their simple hobbies like posting tips on social media about good fashion would go viral. These are the kind of videos that are winning hundreds of thousands of viewers. According to the Internet Consultancy Analysis International, last year the estimated worth of the wanghong industry was $7.7 billion and is expected to increase by the year 2018.

According to the head of mobile internet consultancy that China’s e-commerce industry is being strongly influenced by many of the wanghong and is providing businesses a new phenomenon which is extremely visual and promotional. This is becoming a flourishing business and the followers of wanghongs can easily be made consumers of the brands that are recommended by them.

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