Children Who Grow Up With Their Grandparents Are Happier, Smarter And Confident

Make them spend time with their grandparents

Children share a mutual relationship with their grandparents and vice versa.

According to the published report in the journal The Gerontologist, it is revealed that the children who were close to their grandparents have fewer emotions and behavioral problems and are able to cope with traumatic life events.

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Grandparents can provide a sense of support and security

Having a close bond with your grandparents reduces the risk of children becoming depressed. This basically means, both a child and the adult at a crucial stage of life are occupied. It is further noticed the when adults transition to older ages they tend to act like children.

This mutual bond also helps parents not feeling isolated when raising children.

Sharing responsibility is like caring for responsibility.

Grandparents provide a sense of security and act as surrogate parents to their grandchildren as they have greater than average to bond. This bond leads to a normalcy culture which is defined on family member sharing obligations.

These obligations may include caregiving for children and for the aged financial assistance and common sharing of tasks. In my view, the best example is Peter Parker from Spiderman comics.

His parents are long gone and his Aunt who is the mother’s mother age, his relationship with this Uncle Ben and His demise solidifies a key component

In the end, I would certify that having grandparents is a blessing in disguise. I for one missed that opportunity as my grandparents passed away 4 months before I was born. However, not all grandparents are down to earth some might be schemes and others might be strict.

But in almost every family a grandparent’s greatest joy is the day they become a grandparent.

To all readers go spend your time with your grandparents. They are at a stage that they need warmth and care. How bitter you might be sometimes it better to bring warmth to someone who least expects it.

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