Daughter Of A Poor Fruit Seller Wins Gold Medal In University

Today, I came across a different life story, Abdul Ghafar a fruit Vendor From Faisalabad, Pakistan.

He is a fruit vendor and now he is a happy man as his daughter Sabah has completed MSc in economics with top honors. Parents always try to make sure children get the best education and the best in things. Here you have fruit vendor knowing that he wouldn’t be able to afford his daughter’s dreams he effortlessly sacrificed day and night so that his daughter may study.

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Her hard work resulted in getting top honors from the university of education in Lahore and She also was awarded a gold medal for her services.

When asked about her accomplishment, the fruit vendors replied she studied we supported.

When the gold medalist was asked to speak she said my father is a fruit vendor and my mother stitches clothes for a living this degree is for my parents.

Parents always think the best for us it only us who need to change our views. Our rebellious nature might be good for the cause but in the long run, we have accepted the common reality that one day our parents have to go.

As Jor’el played by legendary actor Marlon Brando said:

“The son becomes the father, The father becomes the son” towards his son Kal’el also know as Superman.

Even my father gave me the best education he good pays for and today every time I visit his grave I feel an absence of hope and laughter ahs just vanished away

Our religion plays a pivotal role in caring for parents. And to Sabah May you have successes for your hard work.

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