Career advice from world’s superheroes

Super power characters have been making an impact on the lives of so many people since ages. Their incredible characters have tempted children to become like them and get inspired by the product that has their name or picture on them. They use their super powers to counter daily crimes and combat threats against humanity. These superheroes also teach the older lot about their jobs and careers. Following is the list of those superheroes that teach us life lessons with their characters.


The most well-known and famous superhero is definitely the most loved by all. He is not just the guy with a blue and red cape and having super powers, but he is a man known to find happiness by serving people in trouble. His super character teaches a lesson to those who are seeking a career in criminal justice, public service, or any field that is believed to be a way to giving back to the community. He tells people how one can pursue his passion without becoming so prominent in the eyes of others.

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Clad in a vampire cowl with slits for eyes, long ears, and a cape with bat-like wings, Batman appeared from the shadows as the avenger by night. With no super powers, Batman had no alien origin and no foster parents to inspire him to do good things. But his power lied in his extraordinary motivation, will power, and focus.


This character had a strong impact on kids who start out in the world straight out of high school. A teenager bitten by a radioactive spider gave him superpowers for the rest of his life. Peter Parker became an incredibly relatable character and people became interested in his life as that of Batman and Superman. Getting rejected so many times in his pursuit of his passion for photography, he used his negotiating skills to grab a long term position for snapping pictures to be posted on the front page. He showed that through persistence, dedication, and innovative thinking, a person can achieve what he desires in life.

The Flash:

The American comic character Flash is the story of a forensic scientist who came in contact with hard water fumes. This contact changed everything for him and he became incredibly fast with his actions. His character teaches the job seekers to learn as much as they can from their failures or setbacks. Flash experiment went wrong but it made him stronger to overcome the hurdles of life.

Iron Man:

Amidst all the highs and lows of life, Iron Man is the character that teaches us that a little bit of confidence goes a long way. He teaches us to approach the market with a confident attitude, to be polite and professional but knowing your stuff completely.

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