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Google saved over $1 billion by working from home. According to the Bloomberg website, Alphabet reported that in 2020, the company’s advertisement and promotion expenses dropped by $1.4 billion. The saving came from promotions, entertainment, and travel services bought online on Google. This highlights the importance of having a website for establishing a successful business.

We reported 10 months ago that Microsoft also decided to permanently close its retail stores. Microsoft software and hardware sales have continued to shift online as the company has seen solid growth in traffic and sales on

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There’s a huge takeaway from the online success of Google and Microsoft. Every business needs to have a website. A website must be built on a solid foundation for long-lasting results. The foundation is commonly known as hosting. A good host speeds up your business as the website loads faster and offers a seamless transition from one page to another.

As a freelancer who has been creating different web portals to make money for over two decades. I’ve learned the importance of good web hosting after wasting money. The reason why I failed miserably was, despite a good idea for my startup, I did not pay attention to the importance of good website speed that comes with a good web host. A website needs to load faster otherwise your user quickly switches to another website.

According to a report, about 46% of web surfers do not return to a website that loads slow. In this age of online competition, a website needs to load within three seconds to grab users’ interest.

I have recently tested Hostinger for couple of my websites and the results is very good. For under $100, you can buy a plan for 48 months, i.e four years. The company offers a free SSL certificate and a domain name with their Most Popular package. If you choose the coupon *HISHAMSARWAR*, you get a nice 7% discount too.

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A fast website means better online business and of course better search engine optimization. One of the key factors highlighted by the Google Search Console is website speed, it is important for good ranking on Google.

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