Bixby voice assistant won’t be launching with the Galaxy S8

Samsung understood the pain we go through by waking up a digital assistant vocally. Therefore, it introduced its digital assistant Bixby with its buttons on the side of the device which enables it to perform functioning right away. Bixby is said to free its users from turning on and unlocking the phone, searching for the phone application, searching for a person by clicking on the contact bar, and even making a call. With just a push of the Bixby button and a simple command, Samsung promises everything to be done by its digital assistant.

Bixby was supposed to be arriving with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ but the digital assistant isn’t saying “hello” quite yet. Recently Samsung has confirmed that the shipping of its latest device with begin without one of the major feature of the smartphone i.e. it will be devoid of the voice part of the Bixby voice assistant.

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For early customers, Bixby won’t be launching in full force. The company has already stated that the voice controls will be integrated into some of the key native applications that will have a limited number of languages. Samsung’s digital assistant is a bit different from Siri or Google Now. It has an affinity for text and camera-powered requests along with the ability for voice commands. Samsung has stated that Bixby will not be available to US customers until later this spring and will be launched with the computer vision chops of its Vision feature. It will also be a part of Samsung’s deluxe notifications screen named as Bixby home. This all indicates how much effort is being made by Samsung in order to make a strong entrance into the voice assistant competition.

Via: Tech Crunch

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