Bill Gates says you need this one thing at a young age to achieve success

Self confidence is one important trait to develop because it gives you the courage to overcome the stumbling blocks that hinder the growth in your life. According to Bill Gates, this is one important quality young people should possess to help find their passion in life.

His passion for software and computers and his confidence in his abilities at a young age led him to create Microsoft. Gates when young, took programming for the GE system in BASIC and because of his interest was excused from math class to excel in computers. It was his self confidence that helped him in laying the foundation of Microsoft, the world’s largest operating system company that dominated the computer industry space all throughout the 90s.

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In a Q&A with, Gates talked about the importance of having self confidence when you are young and find your passion.

“From a young age, ideally you will have adults in your life…who like you and they’re behind you and they will back you, no matter what goes on,” said Gates. “That gives you enough confidence to go off on a quest and during that quest, you try different things out.”

When you develop self confidence, it allows you to try out new things and also accept failure with an open heart and not lose hope in the future.


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