Bill Gates 7 Most favorite Books written by Vaclav Smil, a Czech-Canadian Scientist

We have seldom seen bill Gates endorsing a book by any author, but Vaclav Smil is a Czech-Canadian scientist and professor whose books he has recommended to all. It has no doubt given a jolt of fame to Smil who has written nearly three dozen books in which he has analyzed the world’s biggest challenges such as the future of energy, food production, as well as manufacturing. In his books, he has framed some of the basic facts in an incredible way and has provided all the detail to understand the process.

Bill Gates has nearly read all the books by Smil but has recommended seven of these most of which delve into the topic of public policy, food production, energy, and the environment.

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Energy and civilization: A History

This book is one that has been highly recommended by Bill Gates. It explains how societies have been shaped throughout history by focusing how energy has changed from donkey-powered mills to modern power house.

Should we eat meat?: Evolution and consequences of modern carnivore

Gates has enjoyed the authors work in this book for questioning the conventional wisdom. Smil has explored whether eating meat has brought benefits to the society or not. He has provided few simple ways to eliminate cruelty when it comes to raising and slaughter of animals. See at Amazon, “Should We Eat Meat?

Making the modern world: Materials and dematerialization

From “Making the Modern World,, Gates said that he had been able to learn some fascinating facts the appreciation for all the materials that made modern life possible. Smil has explained about the basic materials that have been used throughout history such as wood, stone, metals etc. and how each is produced along with its application and environmental cost.

Harvesting the Biosphere: What we have taken from nature

Harvesting the Biosphere” is one of Gates favorite book of 2013. This book has explained how the human activity has changed the biosphere such as hunting animals and growing crops. These things have helped in the progress of the civilization.

Energy myths and realities: Bringing science to the energy policy debate

For all the people who care about the energy crises,”Energy Myths and Realities” is highly recommended to them by Bill Gates. This book is an eye opener to anyone who considers solving of energy problems as an easy task.

Global catastrophes and trends: The next 50 years

Global Catastrophes and Trends” gives detailed information regarding the some of the world’s most pressing energy and environmental issues.

Energy at the Crossroads: Global perspectives and uncertainties

The author in this book”Energy at the Crossroads” has discussed the history of energy, its prices, and the real cost of energy. It also explains the effects that energy issues are having on the economy, environment, and the quality of life.

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