Best practices for Internet Marketing in 2018

If you’re marketing online, you have to make keywords and ranking high for them in all the search engines as your main objective. Might sound obvious, but many beginning marketers don’t truly understand how important getting to the top ranking for your chosen keywords is for your online success.

Target less competitive long tail (multi-worded) keywords to get started and slowly work your way up to more popular keywords. Center your marketing around getting those first page listings (Top Five) for your keywords. Achieve this goal, (especially in Google) and it will be almost impossible for you not to succeed and make a profit with your online marketing.

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Autoresponders, List Building & Online Relationships

Keeping in contact with potential buyers is mission critical. You must use autoresponders to send follow-up messages to build trustful relationships with your potential customers.

So building a large contact líst is essential. That’s why the social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can be very effective marketing tools for building this online contact and trust. Truth be told, all these social networks are, more or less, just glorified autoresponders and líst builders!

Your Unique Selling Position

You must give potential customers some very good reasons buy from you. Offering special bonuses and discounts works wonders for your sales.

Always remember, besides looking for the best deal or bargain, consumers are also looking for a quality product. If you’re into affiliate marketing, only pick top quality products to promote. Picking top brand names also makes it easier to make sales. Working with merchants like Amazon can be an effective marketing strategy. Most importantly, always remember consumers are also looking for INFORMATION on the products they are considering buying, give them helpful information and you will succeed.

Go With The Flow

If you’re marketing online, you have to follow what’s working for you. Most times you will try countless ideas or tactics – once you have found a process or system that works, really work it or scale it up. Making your first dollar is the hardest, but once you do something that earns you that dollar, just repeat that “something” a thousand times.

Tracking ‘what exactly works’ is very important. Keep a close eye on your site’s traffic logs to find where your customers are coming from. Google Analytics is simply priceless for “fine-tuning” your site and your internet marketing. It will tell you what’s working and what’s not for you to target Recurring or Residual Income

One of most effective marketing strategies is to promote and sell products and services that give you a recurring or residual income. Make one sale and get paid for years. Concentrate on services like web-hosting, telephone, marketing programs… once customers sign up to these services, they will likely keep them for years.

Building a large residual income could be the key to surviving in tough economic times. This will be income that will carry you or your business over the rough patches since it is based upon past performance and not on your current selling situation.

Automate Everything

The real beauty of marketing online and using computers, you can automate just about every process in your marketing system. Make it a point of automating everything you do, use autoresponders to follow-up with potential buyers, use automatic check-outs, automatic reporting –  just set-up your whole internet marketing system that runs itself with little or no supervision from you.

This will free up your time to concentrate all your efforts on marketing/promoting your site or product. Besides, nothing beats coming back from a vacation and finding out you have earned the cost of your vacation and then some – all the while you were lying in the sun and miles away from your computer.

Find The Top Online Marketers

If you’re just starting with internet marketing, you need to find the top successful marketers and “model” what they’re doing. You have to seek out the experts and pioneers who have set the groundwork. It is a billion dollars industry.

Whether you love or hate Google doesn’t matter, you just have to make it your number one ally in your online marketing. Google has just about conquered the world-wide search market, Google is the deal-breaker when you’re selling stuff online. Consumers have enormous respect for Google, a number one listing for a lucrative keyword simply means money in the bank.

Using Google Search, Google Adwords, and Google Adsense has played a more than significant role in the success of my any online sites and marketing for top businesses. Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools have been invaluable and an enormous help in achieving my “web-based” lifestyle and livelihood.

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