Samsung Radically redesigned Samsung S9 could be a trend setter in smartphone industry

Samsung Galaxy S9 will change a lot. There have been some reports that company is planning some big changes in its upcoming flagship model. Samsung S8 has already been a massive success and one of the preferred phones by smartphone users all over the world.

A Chinese person told SamMobile that Samsung may throw a big surprise by introducing some new changes to Galaxy S9. Although the individual’s identity is not revealed because of the privacy concerns, he or she gave some interesting insights months before the launch of S8 and they were absolutely accurate.

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It is anticipated that Samsung may add physical sensor to the rear of the device or perhaps remove the fingerprint sensor completely, something Apple did in its iPhoneX.

Samsung also reportedly has partnered with Qualcomm for its next high end processor to get the Snapdragon 845 before its competitors.

Samsung S9 is expected to launch in February or March next year. The price of phone is expected to be around $700.

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