Back to Garage: Here is how Instagram’s CEO is managing the billion-user network

With widespread of coronavirus and countries practicing social distancing and complete lockdown, almost all major companies are working from home, partially more if not completely. Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, a Facebook-owned company has resorted to working from home to operate one of the world’s biggest social media platform “Instagram”

“I don’t normally work from my garage,” said Mosseri, responding to the question, what it’s like to run one of the biggest social media platforms in the world from his San Francisco home? in an interview with CNN Business over Skype.

In order to raise awareness about staying at home, Instagram has recently launched the “Stay at Home” tab feature. The feature is available in the Stories section and offers a way for users to share their stay-at-home updates with pictures and text.

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The idea is to encourage people to stay inside their homes. According to Mosseri, the feature “Stay at Home” in stories became so popular and in-demand that it literally crashed within hours of going live.

Working from home is not easy. Being the biggest social media app, Instagram has to face challenges of stop spreading false information that may cause panic in this time of global crisis.

“Having our workforce, particularly our moderators, work from home, is creating all sorts of challenges that we need to work through,” said Mosseri.

Mosseri is ensuring the maximum server up-time as he and his team work from home. It’s not easy he says but rising up to the challenge is a need of an hour and so far despite the fact he and his team are not working under one roof, they are doing an excellent job to ensure Instagram users have an amazing experience of using the app.

This article is originally published on CNN Business.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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