3 Tips for Inspiring Yourself & Your Team Daily 

As a manager or leader, you should never underestimate the importance of keeping your employees both motivated and inspired.

You may think that the most crucial factor in a successful working team is each employee’s individual ability to carry out a specific job or task, when in fact, skills can be easily learnt. Whereas, motivation and the drive to succeed for both your own professional goals and for the business you work for, needs to be consistently nurtured.

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Fortunately, there are several simple and straightforward steps that you can take as a manager to inspire not only your team but also yourself. After all, if you lose your own passion for success, how can you possibly expect your team to maintain theirs? 


Clearly Define Goals


It is extremely difficult to encourage inspiration if employees do not know exactly what their motivation is. Of course, the ultimate aim for any business is to become more successful and profitable, but in order to keep your team motivated, you also need to ensure that you set regular, short goals that can be easily measured and monitored. 

By setting tangible objectives, you will be able to continually drive and inspire your employees, whilst at the same time make them feel valuable to the company. 

Seeing your employees achieve their targets can be extremely rewarding and a way of reminding yourself that you are doing a good job in leading your team to success. 


Focus on Communication


If you want to be able to inspire your team, then you need to be able to effectively communicate with them. Equally, they need to feel comfortable talking to you. Long gone are the days when a simple yearly appraisal would be sufficient in motivating and giving feedback to your employees. You now need to make the time for regular catch-ups to discuss a number of important factors including:

  • Career development
  • Training opportunities 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Performance feedback 
  • Any other concerns that your employees may have 

It can be a good idea, even if for those who already have strong interpersonal skills, to embark on a leadership training course such as corporatecoachgroup.com. This will allow you to refresh and refine your communication skills, as well as your conflict management and motivational abilities. 


Promote Health & Well-being in the Workplace


In recent years, employers have finally started to realize the benefits of providing their employees with a happy and healthy working environment. This leads to increased productivity, enhanced employee engagement and increased motivation. 

Even better, you do not need to make massive adjustments to see a significant change in your employees. Elements you may want to try include:

  • Letting in more natural light
  • Minimizing disruptive noise 
  • Improving air quality 
  • Arranging a relaxation area
  • Giving access to healthy snacks 
  • Offering free gym passes or exercise classes 

Not only will happy and healthy employees feel more motivated and inspired to work, they will also experience less stress, have fewer absences and feel more energized in their daily tasks. 

A win-win for employees and managers alike! 

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