In 2024, B2B will be the biggest commerce opportunity

Introduction: The Untapped B2B Potential

In the realm of successful online retailers, direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies like Brooklinen and SKIMS often take the spotlight. These digital giants have revolutionized shopping experiences, paving the way for a multi-billion dollar DTC industry. However, there’s a vast and often overlooked opportunity within online commerce—business-to-business (B2B) commerce.

The Sizeable B2B Landscape

E-commerce B2B sales are estimated at a staggering $7.7 trillion globally, overshadowing DTC’s scale. Projections indicate an 18% annual growth until 2030, with an anticipated 80% of all B2B sales occurring online by 2025.

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B2B: The Next Big Opportunity

In 2024 and beyond, B2B emerges as the next big frontier for businesses of all sizes. Contrary to misconceptions, the B2B industry is undergoing a significant transformation, thanks to platforms like Shopify reshaping and modernizing this space.

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Busting Myths: Breaking Down B2B Barriers

E-commerce Triumph

Gone are the days when B2B lagged behind in digital adoption. E-commerce has proven to be the most effective channel for B2B buyers, dispelling myths of archaic tech and manual processes.

Shared Identities: B2B and DTC Shoppers

Surprisingly, B2B and DTC shoppers share common ground—they are individuals seeking quality products and exceptional shopping experiences. With Millennials and Gen Z constituting 64% of today’s business buyers, the demand for intuitive, seamless, and easy online transactions is higher than ever.

Simplifying Complexity: Making B2B as Simple as DTC

Unique B2B Challenges

While B2B and DTC buyers share similarities, the complexity of business purchases sets them apart. With diverse payment terms, purchase orders, and intricate processes, a significant portion of B2B sales still occurs manually.

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The Digital Shift

Fortunately, the B2B industry is ripe for digitization, with buyers ready to embrace the change. McKinsey’s findings reveal a willingness to spend substantial sums digitally, signaling a new era for B2B transactions. However, this tech-savvy generation demands modern solutions, pushing companies to overhaul outdated practices.

The Transition: From DTC Success to B2B Brilliance

Pitfalls of Force-Fitting

Many brands, scaling from DTC triumphs, attempt to force-fit B2B needs into the DTC model. The use of outdated tools like spreadsheets and emails for six- or seven-digit purchases is a recipe for failure.

A Case Study: brooklinen’s B2B Triumph

Brooklinen, a renowned DTC brand, seamlessly transitioned into the B2B space. Utilizing B2B on Shopify, they created a storefront blending DTC features with B2B functionality. The result? An 80% reduction in back-end admin work, allowing more time for customer interactions.

Shopify’s Commitment: Applying DTC Success to B2B

The Commerce Simplification Mission

Shopify, with nearly two decades of DTC success, has embraced the challenge of simplifying all forms of commerce. The B2B solution, built on DTC’s foundation, incorporates new layers to address the unique challenges faced by B2B sellers.

Unprecedented Progress

In the past 12 months, Shopify has introduced over three dozen features seamlessly integrated into its core platform. These enhancements streamline the B2B buying process, enabling businesses to source inventory and integrate with their existing tools efficiently.

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Bold Predictions: Explosive Growth in B2B

Shopify’s Proclamation

Explosive opportunities and growth await in B2B for new sectors, industries, and regions in 2024 and beyond. This space will prove to be a significant boon for enterprises that invest time in understanding the intricacies of successful B2B commerce.


The B2B landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, shedding its outdated image and embracing digitization. Businesses, irrespective of size, can capitalize on the immense opportunities that B2B commerce offers. As we look towards 2024, Shopify’s commitment to innovation promises a thriving B2B ecosystem.

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