Avoid saying these things in a job interview

The ultimate purpose of a job interview is to get across the hiring manager and prove you are the right person for the job. This is an opportunity to show that you have the right set of skills, a great personality, and the drive to really make things happen when you are given the post. While preparing answers for the interview questions, you may try to focus on all these things. But what’s more important is to know where the red flags appear. Any wrong move can make you lose the chance of getting hired no matter how great your sales numbers at your previous job were.

To stay clear of the things that are considered red flags by a hiring manager, following is the list of a job interview deal breakers.

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  • I left the previous job because the company was a mess:

When you are seeking for a new job opportunity, never speak despairingly about the company you’re previously worked for. Hiring managers look for positive people and do not want to hire people who have negative thoughts regarding their previous work place.

  • I am not good at working with others:

You may want to tell the hiring manager that you are good at working on your own. But highlighting that you are completely independent will make you appear someone who does not know how to get along with other people.

  •  I am OCD about my work:

Obsessive Compulsive disorder is a mental illness that affects millions of people. Saying that you are OCD about your work can send an immediate red flag to the employer that you suffer from mental health advocacy.

  • I am excited about the company’s vacation policy:

That’s something that sends sign to the hiring managers that you are more interested in weekends than your work. The management wants to see your enthusiasm regarding the work you will be given not about leaving as soon as you can.

  • I am not very much excited about the available position:

For getting a job you need to show excitement in an acceptable manner. But saying that you are not even excited about the job position can send immediate red flags to the management.

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