Scientific research shows 6 reasons why attitude is more important than the IQ

The traditional hallmarks of success and intelligence don’t mean as much to your career as you think because, in reality, the IQ may not mean as much to your career as you may think. This has been found out by psychologist Carol Dweck, who has spent her entire career studying individual’s attitudes and performances.

Through the research as written in her book, it was revealed that the core attitude falls into two categories i.e. fixed and growth mindset. When a person has a fixed mindset, you believe that you cannot change who you are and the beliefs that you have. When such people face challenges, anything that seems more than they can handle makes them feel more depressed and overwhelmed.

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But people who have a growth mindset, they believe that there can be an improvement with their efforts and this is what makes them outperform those who have a fixed mindset. They embrace challenges with a view to learning from the opportunities.

Dweck found out that success in life depends on how you deal with failure, for people with growth mindset failure is information, and they see problems as learning opportunities. And no matter what kind of approach you keep, you can make changes and develop a growth mindset. Following are the strategies that can help you develop a growth mindset:

  • Don’t feel helpless:

In your life, there are moments when you feel completely helpless. But these are the feelings that can drag you down, therefore, don’t feel helpless in any situation. It is because all the successful people never succumbed to rejection or given up hope. Their growth mindset did not allow them to lose hope, they always bounce back right after facing failures.

  • Being passionate:

You may always feel that other people around you are more talented but you can make it up with your passion. It is because empowered people pursue their passion and it drives their unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

  • Take action and move forward:

With a growth mindset, you become braver than the rest and are aware that your actions matter. You feel empowered and know that by taking proper action you will move forward and will turn your failures into something positive.

  • Getting out of the comfort zone:

When you have a growth mindset, you do not hesitate to get out of your comfort zone and do something that seems daunting. When you go the extra mile to achieve your goals, you improve yourself each day and make your life worth living.

  • Embrace adversity:

A growth mindset makes you more flexible towards embracing uncertain adversity. It is because you consider changes as a means for improvement and use your maximum ability to adjust accordingly.

  •  Get rid of complaining:

People with a growth mindset do not complain because it is an obvious sign of a fixed mindset. You don’t have time to complain because you find a new room of opportunity in each and everything that comes across.


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