Apple’s growing revenue, thanks to iPhone 7

Apple's Tim Cook waves at the Apple Watch launch event. [Image Source: The Verge] -

Two-thirds of Apple’s quarterly revenue is generated by iPhone so any little change in the smartphone’s sale tend to have a dramatic impact on the company’s earnings. In 2017, iPhone 7 is predicted to lead the charge bringing a return to Apple’s revenue growth.

Last year Apple saw a dip in its smartphone revenue which was clearly represented by its earnings. For three quarters, revenue remained on the low side. Now this year, this quarter is considered Apple’s first quarter in which the revenues are expected to rise again. According to analysts, in revenue $77.4 billion is expected as compared to $75.8 billion last year. This comes in line with the company’s own forecasts which expected the revenues to be between $76 billion and $78 billion during release of last quarter’s earnings.

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Analysts are predicting the iPhone sale to increase up to 78 million iPhones sold during the holiday quarter as compared to the 75 million sales a year ago. Looking at the big picture, MacBook Pro got completely revived. It was revamped with a bunch of new features. Until the middle of the quarter the MacBook wasn’t available but it could have a significant impact on Mac sales.

Also, an update was received by Apple’s watch but the company didn’t really cross the Watch sales number. It was clearly stated by Tim Cook that sales of Watches were perfectly fine but it can be predicted that Apple’s Watch is not something that can change the iPhone company into a company famous for other successful products.

Apple also liked to be known as a product and service company now. This will be revealed with Apple’s service this quarter. The revenues are expected to grow with Super Mario and emergence of various iPhone models. There are many interesting to watch for Apple once the earnings are be reported after the markets close.





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