Apple is working hard to get the bugs fixed ahead of the launch

Apple seems to be experiencing somewhat of a hiccup before the launch of its iPhone 8. The company is beginning to put an extreme focus on trying to fix the software bug that seems to be affecting the upcoming flagship device.

According to reports, several issues have occurred before the launch that seems to be plaguing the launch of the iPhone 8. Because of these problems, the final launch of the device may be facing delays. The 10th anniversary smartphone features wireless charging for users that will free them from the headache of plugging the phone. But there are issues arising with the 3D sensor that is used for the facial recognition and the sensors will help users to unlock the device.

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These two technologies have already been applied by Samsung in its devices but for Apple, this is the first time. According to reports, the team working on the iPhone 8 seems to be under pressure for not being able to meet the actual deadline for building the new device.

Because of these issues, it’s expected that Apple may not be able to launch its smartphone in September and might delay it to October or November this year.

Via: MSN

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