Apple fixes Software for the iPhone 8’s worst problem

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Apple’s next iPhone will definitely have the features other phones usually lack. Unlike its previous models, Apple has removed the antenna lines but the camera bump will still be there. The top bezel of the iPhone 8 might seem a bit absurd as it’s not a full bezel and is just a cutout. Also, it will include the house key components including speakers, camera, and the facial recognition system.

It has been confirmed by Apple that the upcoming phone’s design is a first firmware version of the Homepod. The top bezel problem has been reported to be fixed by the company. The bezel has a strong impact as it affects the ways in which the images are displayed on the screen.

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According to reports, the iPhone is expected to have a different type of status bar; it will be a lot more complex as well as powerful in design. With a latest visual provider system, the UIStatusBar might be redone with the options being split. The top corners of the status bar will be taken into account by the software and will be used to display certain information such as indicators for cellular and WiFi connectivity, and the battery status.

It can be expected that the camera cutout will not take all the content shown in the apps. Apple seems to be working feverishly to fix the issues with the upcoming model and will launch its phone as soon as all the issues are resolved.

Via: BGR

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