Android Apps can find nearby devices

For Android developers, Google has made the second generation of its Nearby Connection toolkit available. The framework that has been updated uses Bluetooth as well as WiFi in order to locate the nearby devices. It automatically connects to the devices without even requiring an internet connection.

Both mesh networks are supported by the Nearby Connection ToolKit where the devices from an independent network on the spot. It also supports the centralized connections where one device is dominant. This is something that is going to be extremely helpful in case of meetings or class rooms. This is the place where one device is expected to take the lead.

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Even with its latest features, the Nearby Connection will take some time to make its way into apps that are used. But few of the companies have already started applying it such as the Weather Channel has installed the mesh network in areas where there is a weak internet connection to help send weather updates. Also, Google is expected to present one of its own Android TV remote apps that will use NearBy Connections to get users started and turn on the second screen experiences.

This is expected to become one of most popular if the developers like the idea especially with the popularity of the smart homes.

Via: Android Developers Blog


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