Apple 1, First Apple computer sold for $815,000

Apple co founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built 200 units of these computers in 1976 out of which 175 were sold. Apple1, a prototype model computer is sold this week for $815,000 in a auction and is considered as one of the first computers built.

The computer has tell-tale sign which suggests it is a prototype (pre-manufacturing run). Apple1 is bought by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore who want to take it to the school and universities and inspire, motivate students.

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The Celebration edition was tipped for US$ 1 Million price but final bid price was $815,000.

It is incredible to think that this was the very first Apple1, if not it surely is one the first, if not first ever.

The Apple1 was introduced for sale in 1976 for the price of $666.66


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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