Angry Customer Smashes Devices at Apple Store in France

Whenever a customer enters a shop, he is always greeted with a smiling salesman. This is what happened when a customer entered at an Apple’s Store in Dijon, France. Everything was normal until the client exploded into anger and started a destructive rampage after an apparent tirade with the store staff.

According to Business Insider, the incident of an angry customer was captured in a sequence of videos. The customer was heard yelling for his consumer rights near the display stall, removing the Apple devices and smashing them hard with a boule which is a heavy metal ball used for playing French games on rough grounds.

The man caused ‘thousands of dollars‘ worth of damage. According to videos he smashed numerous iPhones and one MacBook but sources said that he destroyed many other devices that were not caught on camera. He was able to destroy a large number of devices because as he started the destruction, the store staff got frightened and started evacuating other customers for their safety. But the situation came under control when the mall’s security staff came for attending to the matter.

The man tried to run away from the security officers but remained unsuccessful in his attempt. The security staff handed him over to local police force for investigation. Apparently the customer’s reason for this rampage was a repayment issue but other sources state that the reason for the customer to become so hateful to Apple was his dispute over warranty cover for his device.



Written by Hisham Sarwar

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