Analyst explains why iPhone X will determine the future of Apple

Apple’s future might well be highly dependent on how well iPhone X does when it launches on November 3. According to an analyst Daniel Ives of GBH insights, Apple is at Crossroads at this moment. Apple grows If iPhone X is a success as it is expected to do well because of its unique design, edge to edge screen front. If iPhone X fails, it will negatively impact the company earnings for many years to come.

Ives believes that the company future will be decided by the iPhone X sale success. It is also noteworthy here that iPhone 8 has seen a weaker demand till now but iPhone X could be a game changer. According to Ives, iPhone X product cycle good will be apple’s most successful till date because of “pent up demand”, CNBC reported.

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The actual challenge gets down to the high price and it will be interesting to see how many customers are willing to pay for the new iPhone X. IPhone X success in China could well set a pattern for the phone’s sale pattern in the rest of the world. China accounts for 25% of Apple’s total revenue next year. This number is expected to rise as high as 30% by 2020, Ives states.

Ives predictions are based on the reports GBH Insights has collected. It is estimated that there are more than 350 million users with an iPhone that is at least 2 years old. According to GBH, 93% of iPhone owners planning to upgrade their devices next year will purchase an iPhone.

IPhone X is expected to launch on November 3 with the base price of $999

Via: iDropNews

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