Adobe’s voice commands to edit photos

In a concept video recently released by Adobe shows an iPad user making simple edits to his images by delivering voice commands. The technology shown in the video gives the impression that all such actions can be performed faster by using touchscreen.

It is because the voice-based system by Adobe should either be refined for understanding the wide range of commands and synonyms that are issued by voice commands or the users need to learn the exact terms in order to use each function. Picking tools and settings the image by looking at buttons seems much easier because a user has complete idea what those icons are actually meant to do.

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It is just the first step by Adobe towards the robust multimodel voice-based interface for enabling customers to search and edit photos in an attractive manner. But it has still not confirmed whether it actually plans to develop it in 2017.

This voice-command feature by Adobe might be beneficial for the basic editing tasks but for some refined editing for images, it might not be a good choice. It’s still difficult to think about tones and levels, effects like grain and cropping of unwanted elements being applied with voice commands. It is also unclear whether this feature would even appeal the customers.

Via: The Next Web

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