According to science, 4 reasons why reading books should be a priority

Books play an important role in your life and are considered a person’s best companion. You get plenty of joy for reading the books and asked for nothing in return. There is a lot of knowledge that is delivered through books and they take you into a world of imagination where you learn better about the topics you are interested in. your outlook is broadened as your intellectual taste is toned up with reading books. When you study the books that describe the life experiences of successful people, you come to know how they refused to settle for less than achieving what they actually desired.

Today, the science supports the idea of reading books as an essential part of your life. Following are the reasons how books can be a great influence in your life:

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  • Books make you creative and open-minded:

People who read books become more open-minded as compared to the ones who read nonfiction essays. It is because the nonfiction allows the students to get a better understanding of the subject matter but do not help them to think deeply about it. Whereas by reading the short story fiction books, people learn more deeply about any issue.

  • Longer life:

According to the researchers of the Yale University, a study was carried out including 3,635 people. These were the people who were aged older than 50 and were found to read books 30 minutes a day. These people were found to live 23 months longer than the people who didn’t read or just stick to reading magazines. It happened because the practice of reading develops cognitive engagement in the mind of the readers that helped them to improve their thinking skills, vocabulary, and concentration.

  • Reading 50 books a year:

When it comes to completing a book, a week might sound daunting. But once you make a goal of reading certain books in a specific amount of time, it doesn’t seem that much difficult. According to experts, the task of reading 50 books can be accomplished in a year. You can complete the books with satisfaction and it will help you learn more than you can ever imagine.

  • Key to self-improvement:

Books are a key to self-improvement and many successful people consider it a must in their daily activities. Most of the successful people regard books for achieving their success. Books tell them something of everything and they become life-long learner by just sticking to reading more books.

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