5 Habits that make millennial unproductive

Keeping too many tabs open can drain your batteries and we are often reminded to close them. For today’s modern life, it is a neat metaphor which indicates that many of us run around with too many tabs open inside our head. It makes us to stay connected continuously to social media, multi-task, and then cancel commitments in the end because of the exhaustion. This is the reason, millennial have been characterized as the most anxious generation of today. Anxiety for them has taken many forms; nut the simplest way of describing it is feeling worried and nervous about the future or uncertain situation. However, when it gets worse it can have serious effects on your physical health.

But there are some habits adopted by millennial that are instigating stress and anxiety in their lives. Following are the things you need to pay attention to:

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Poor sleep:

According to experts the biggest contributor for anxiety is poor sleep. Lack of sleep plays an important role in ramping up your brain regions that contribute to excessive worrying. Instead, if you form a long, boring nighttime routine which is free of technology, then it can help a lot in curing your anxiety issues.

Irregular meals:

Because of the advancements in technology, it has become hard to break free from the screens. This has disturbed the eating habits of most people. Because of the irregular meal patterns and more attraction towards processed food, people are suffering from unsteady blood sugar levels, dizziness, and confusion all the time. Instead if you eat regular meals and add more water to your routine, it will not only regulate your metabolism but will also regulate your insulin levels.

Drinking more coffee:

The millennial generation has in fact become addicted to coffee and relies on it for staying alert and active. But it has heightened in some people panic disorder and social phobia and has been reported to provoke panic attacks in some individuals. For lowering anxiety, it has been suggested to switch to just one cup of coffee a day. It will help you become calmer and will make you more control of your own self.

Sitting for longer hours:

According to studies, another reason for increase in anxiety among millennial is the adoption of sedentary lifestyle. This includes sitting for longer hours than actually required by a human body. For lowering anxiety, it is important to get up and walk around every ninety minutes. Along with a regular workout, it will help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


It is no doubt that technology has improved lives of people more than they could have imagined. But too much of it has made you anxious and depressed at the same time. As more time as you spend on your phone, your mood gets affected. The seemingly interesting social media checks leave you in depression for a longer period of time. Therefore, stop yourself from checking your phone again and again. Instead use this time to read a book or listen to a podcast of your interest.

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