Fiverr Super Seller Aaliyaan Chaudhary answers three important Fiverr related questions

Fiverr Champion and superseller, Aaliyaan Chaudhary answers three frequently asked questions about Fiverr. His answers will clear a lot of confusion about Fiverr, orders and Gigs.

1- What to do if the buyer cancels the order. Does it affect the GIG? If yes, how to recover from this setback?

Answer: Cancellation creates the biggest impact when it comes to a gig ranking. If you don’t control cancellation within 60 days, your gig will eventually start doing down in search resulting in low sales and may never come back again.

2- All of a sudden, GIG views go down and orders stop coming. Why does this happen?

Answer: A Gig’s performance is no more based on lifetime stats. Only stats from last 60 days count. A Gig with 10k positive reviews may show on the third page versus a gig with 100 positive reviews if that gig is performing better than yours. Gig ranking is also not permanent anymore.

Gigs keep on shuffling around based on their 60 days performance and competition. Hence, Working on Fiverr is a continuous effort now in order to survive and sustain.

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3- How to recover from negative feedback on a GIG?.

Answer: If a gig is receiving positive feedbacks regularly, negatives don’t really impact the performance. In fact, few negatives are better to make a gig look more natural. Never ever try to get rid of negative feedback by contacting the buyer unless you wish to receive an account warning.

If you want to give it a try (getting rid of negative feedback), go through Customer Support.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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