A true gut feeling comes with experience and having made a lot of decisions in life

When you are unable to come to a logical decision, you listen to inner intuition.

Logic is dependable because it’s based on factual data. There are moments that inculcate a decision courtesy clear transparency and clarity. At that point, the decision made supports the logic and you do not follow your inner intuition because by being intuitive, the logical mind will become deceptive and chance is, you will end up making a stupid decision.

You make bad decisions in life by not paying heed to the logic knowing, there are clarity and no confusion.

Sometimes there is no data to make a decision and no clarity. That is where you have to listen to your inner intuition and gut feeling.

In order to make a decision, the gut feeling could be a result of the brain using a combination of logic and emotion. That emotion innate to us is intuition.

Going with our gut does not guarantee a positive result. It’s a 50/50 chance of success.

We can sharpen our intuition just like we sharpen our skills and that certainly comes with experience. It’s like ‘been there – done that‘ and you take a chance of making a decision purely based on your inner voice.

To hone inner intuition, it is very necessary to give our brain some emotional information to work with. This is typically done through life experiences and that enhances the chance of success of a decision purely on the gut feeling. The more we are experienced, the better we get at following our intuition for decision making.

The experiences leave their footprints in the subconscious and inner intuition urges to take a move based on them. Not every time you have experienced everything and not every time the relevant data is available so that is where gut comes in play.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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