A therapist reveals 5 hobbies that are great for reducing an anxiety

Anxiety is something that has nothing to do with a person’s gender, financial status, age, or position in a society. It induces itself from time to time no matter who you are. There are so many people around us who deal with anxiety disorder. There are many ways to which you can reduce anxiety and cure depression.

Following are the few hobbies to indulge in for the people who are suffering from anxiety.

Spending time outdoors:

For relieving anxiety and stressed feeling, spending time in nature is the best thing. It mixes movements with exposure to the sun. When outdoors, there is no other good mood booster then fresh air and sunlight.

Working out:

Work out is necessary for a healthy life but when an interests develops in pursuing it as a hobby, you can see surprising results. It is not just about fitness, the exercise will ease anxiety in your mind.

Take up self-improvement classes:

For reducing anxiety, you need to include self-improvement classes in your daily routine. Spend more time and energy on improving yourself, boost your self-esteem, and distract yourself from whatever triggers your anxiety.

Practice mindfulness:

For reducing anxiety, you need to calm down the chaos that is going inside your head. Practice mindfulness through yoga, meditation; go out for a walk or a hike.


The best way to distract yourself from negative thoughts is to embrace your inner artist. Instead of scrolling down through social media apps, you better try to do something creative such as painting.

Via: Business Insider