A report from Fiverr indicates that highly skilled freelancing is on the rise

The continued rise of on-demand platforms and the gig work has pushed this segment into the mainstream and it requires legislation as the digitization of work has brought a shift to how people are working all over the world. Governments, worldwide need to pay heed and study the new labour market as there is a huge potential of exponential growth as new people enter the marketplaces.

According to Fiverr, one of the largest freelance marketplace Freelance Economic Impact report uncovered that in the top 25 markets in the U.S for freelance work has new service providers that grew by 14% (from 2011-2016) and their revenue grew by 19%.

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These freelancers have contributed over $135 billion to their local economies (between 1 and 2% of GDP depending on the market.) Now, this is a great opportunity and win-win for every stakeholder, the people, the Government and of course the country.

This report proves that the freelance work scope is improving and more people are turning towards the gig economy. Freelancers are making significant contributions to their local economies and they if are going to continue to excel, they should be supported by their governments.

In the U.S alone, there are many things that can be done to provide a levelled playing field for online skilled freelancers.

To begin with, Freelancers have to be legally protected for agreements, contracts and money to make sure that they are not ripped off. Also, the provision of good internet should be made mandatory by all countries. There should be proper training given to these freelancers so they can learn from the experts who already have proven their mettle in this field.

The training and awareness need to be taken to the far-remote, backward areas, especially in countries like India and Pakistan so people can not only learn the skill but also make a decent living.

Last but not the least, it is high time for every country to have its own freelance marketplace as the world’s popular freelance marketplaces can only accommodate a certain number of freelancers in lieu of maintaining quality and striking a balance between clients projects and freelancers. With every country coming up with their own freelance marketplace, the local projects can be posted there thus giving an opportunity to the local talent to provide their services and improve the eco-system of the country.

Freelancing is the future, the world is turning to this model of work quickly and it is high time we recognize this industry and take steps to facilitate freelancers.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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