What makes your resume readable, noticed and grab the attention?

You only get a few seconds for your resume to make the cut. If it grabs the attention, your resume gets noticed otherwise it is thrown in the dustbin. The content on your resume could drastically reshape your life. Your resume could be a gateway to new, better opportunities and could be the beginning of a new or better career.

Here is what a perfect resume should have.

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1- Great Flow.

A resume is like a book, you can only read if there is a flow and inclined to read further. Nobody reads a book with no connectivity to the context. A perfect resume needs to build a perfect flow. Your story objective should be clearly stated. The reader should be able to understand a lot about you, who you are, where are you from and what opportunity are you looking for. The flow should tell about your past job history and your prime achievements.

2- An attention-grabbing initials.

If your resume does not have a strong beginning, it fails to grab the attention of the reader, and then it is not read further. The average resume gets only six seconds of an attention span, it’s like, make or break a deal right at the top.

3- Bullet points to grab attention.

A resume is easy to read if the key points are highlighted in bullet format. If you have a lot to say, break it down in bullets, it is easy for reading and skimming. Employers are busy, they do not have to read a novel explaining everything about you. They want to save time.

4- Be descriptive in your resume.

A good resume clearly defines the keywords that make it stand out. The keywords such as skills, past employer, past jobs, years of experience, education, interest, and skills should be used at the beginning of your resume to grab the attention.

5- Your results draw attention.

You should clearly write about your achievements. For example, standing 1st in the north region for highest sales in the quarter or creating a high-ranking website for the keyword ‘freelancing definition’ can instantly grab readers’ attention and they get a sense of your accomplishments.

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