A mother’s Wish

A boy entered a mosque in Paris.

He said to Imam: “my mother wants you to get me enrolled in your institute”.

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The Imam asked: “Is no elder accompanying you?”

The boy said: “My mother is standing outside”.

Imam went out of the mosque and saw his mother; she told him that she is non-Muslim.

Imam inquired further that why she wanted her son to get connected with the mosque?

The women replied: In my neighborhood, resides a Muslim family. When their children return from the mosque, they respect their mother a lot. They touch her hands as an act of giving respect and walk with her, as soldiers march with a queen.

When she stands, her children position with her and when she gets seated, they sit on the floor beside her.

I have a strong desire that my son also respects me the same way and for him, I become the queen. This is the reason I want you to let my son get associated with the mosque.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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