A Hat For The Blind By A 5th Grade Pakistani Student

Zuhaib Ghauri, Zohaib, a young scientist and 5th-grade student from Pakistan has developed a Navigational Hat for the blind. This hat will help assist vision deprived people to move around and overcome obstacles. The child prodigy came up with this idea after he successfully completed his Arduino course from Steamers Lab.

He is a student of Stemers Lab and also a Bronze Winner at #IRO2019.

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Basically the concept of this hat is to convert sound to sensors that alert the user as soon as the user comes near an obstacle. Having an infrared sensor the hat can also detect walls and hurdles in the 3D spectrum. The alert sent by the sensor on facing a hurdle will also depend on which side the hurdle has come.

The hat uses an Arduino board, sensors, and a battery. So in truth, the sensor functions as eyes for the user. The hat also has a distance calculator that helps users to inform on how far or how close is he/she from the hurdle. Arduino board is a one of a kind device that helps to convert sensory signals to sounds.

This device can help the vision deprived enormously. The current stage for the hat is in the conceptual phase and requires funding. We at BeingGuru wish good luck and Godspeed.

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