Smurfs Gather To Break Guinness World Record Despite Coronavirus

Despite gatherings considered to be focal points for the coronavirus epidemic, this didn’t stop 3550 fans dressed up as smurfs in order to break the Guinness World Records challenge for the largest group of people dressed as smurfs. Smurfs are actually fictional small, blue gnomes like creatures who live in mushroom-shaped housing in the forest. I am not making this up and they have a huge following in europe.

This is not the first time someone has attempted last year, German fans did the same thing with the following of 2762 smurfs gathered in one location. The key difference between last year and this year is the coronavirus epidemic. As WHO declares this an epidemic, things are looking bleak for the natural world. Watch this YouTube video.

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A video by AFP shows thousands of french fans dressed up as smurfs enjoying and having a blast. While this is an impressive feat however Guinness World Records still need to review this. However, Spokesperson for Guinness World Records has stated;

“this attempt is not yet approved. For any attempt, it is subjected to a 15 week review period once we receive evidence from organizers”

Most of Europe has declared a pandemic outbreak and is stopping people from large gatherings. Mayor Patrick Lecler defended this idea “We must not stop living, it was a chance to say we are alive”

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