A fake version of WhatsApp on Google Play Store fooled millions worldwide

A fake and a malicious version of WhatsApp was found on Google Play Store as ‘Update WhatsApp Messenger‘ and fooled millions of people worldwide before it was taken down. The developer name on the app also sounded original “WhatsApp INC”

As reported by Register UK, first spotted by Wabetainfo – this fake WhatsApp tricked thousands of people to download its app worldwide. We all know that Original WhatsApp has 1 billion downloads whereas the fake WhatsApp only had 5,000 downloads initially.

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“DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP! IT’S FAKE! WhatsApp Business is not officially available for everyone yet,” the WABetaInfo tweeted to its 30,000 followers.

Google told The Register it is looking into the matter, and it’s likely the writer of the fake version is going to be banned for ever on Play store.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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