A Dark Truth Revealed About WiFi In An Experiment By 9th Grade Students In Denmark

Since the introduction of WiFi in 1997, researchers have been performing various studies regarding its impacts on brain and overall health of human beings. The convenience of the technology, however, forces us to keep our eyes closed from the results that are clear and shocking.

A recent study has been carried out by students of 9th grade at a school in Northern Jutland. This group of students was all inspired by the idea to carry out an experiment regarding poor concentration in school.

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They believed that because of sleeping next to a phone on their head, they sometimes had difficulty in having a good night sleep.

On the basis of all the shared experiment, this group of girls carried out an experiment to investigate the impacts of WiFi radiation on living cells. For this purpose, they used 400 cress seeds and separated them on 12 different trays.

Half of the trays were placed in two rooms. During the entire experiment, the temperature of both the rooms was kept same; the seeds were given equal amounts of water and access to sunlight. The only difference between the two was that the trays in one room were placed next to the WiFi routers. It was because the same kind of radiation is broadcasted the routers as cell phones. This helped students to recreate the impact of sleeping with their phones beside their head.

The experiment was carried out for twelve days and some serious results were observed at the end. The seeds in one room that were not placed next to WiFi routers were healthy and flourished in their environment. But the seeds placed around the two WiFi routers did not show any kind of real growth and few of the seeds were dying off completely.

The seeds from the unexposed room:

Source: YourNewsWire.com

Seeds from the exposed room:

Source: YourNewsWire.com

The results of the experiment were enough to make the group realize about their safety while keeping their phones next to their head at night. According to one of the group member after the shocking results, now they completely make sure that they do not keep their phones with them while sleeping and make sure that their computers are properly turned off.

This experiment has attained the attention of many of the world’s biologist and radiation experts who are acknowledging the importance of their findings. Among all of the experts, Olle Johansson, the professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm is interested in repeating the same experiment on a broader level. He is impressed by the girls’ efforts and hopes to make them a part of his team in future.

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