7 things successful people do in their first month at a new job

Once you are done with a hard-hitting work of resume formatting, interviewing, and salary negotiating, you may feel that it’s time to relax. Going with the flow seems tempting but this is the worst thing you could do to your career. You may not know but the interview process does not end in an hour but the first 30 days on the job are an extension to that. This is the best time you can deliver on the key points you have promised to the company and plan on your career.  It does sound overwhelming but this is an opportunity where you can define your approach and goals for the rest of your time you work on the job.

For starting your professional endeavors properly, following are the few that successful people keep in mind:

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1. Break the ice:

Your work will affect others therefore you need to start it on the right foot. Introducing yourself to everyone on your team is something required on day one. You need to get to know people as early as possible because this is how you are going to understand with whom you are working on.

2. Give a positive image:

Once your impressions are built in the first month, they will be impossible to change for the rest of your working time. Therefore, smile when you meet people and shake their hand. Be happy and eager to be a part of the team

3. Be wise about asking questions:

Your desires to learn will be displayed during your working time, therefore, avoid doing that on the first day by asking dozens of questions. Be patient and ask only intelligent questions and you will master the job with time.

4. Socialize with all the team members:

It is not just one or two team members you become friends with, you need to socialize with everyone. Successful people give importance to everyone and interact with them on the same level.

5. Track your own progress:

This is the key that makes people successful. They take out 30 minutes of their day and reflect on their progress. According to experts, the fifteen minute in the morning should be focused towards on your goals and tasks ahead. In the evening, another fifteen minutes should be used to focus on what things you were able to achieve and what are still pending.

6. They take help from their mentor:

When you are working, it is easy to lose motivation, track of your goals, and get frustrated over things you did not accomplish. Therefore you must find a mentor who can advise you and support you as you begin to take more important role in the company.

7. Get acquainted with the pain points of your team:

As a new member you may like to suggest some changes to their plan but be careful while doing that. You need to understand what things will create problems for your team. Your first thirty days of the new job are enough to get you informed about the pain points that impact your team.

Via: Business Insider

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