A cell phone battery is being created that charges instantly

The capacity of a phone battery has always been an issue for tech scientists. But now the researchers at the Drexel University’s College of Engineering are working to introduce a material that can provide capacity for an instant battery charging. This has been made possible by the researchers with the help of a material which is super conductive and two-dimensional MXene.

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The effort for developing such a battery isn’t something new. This struggle dates back more than 200 years ago when the first battery was developed. The same concept is being taken further and the team working on is led by Dr. Yuri. According to Dr. Yuri, the team is demonstrating charging of thin MXene electrodes in tens of milliseconds which is enabled by high energy storage devices that can be charged or discharged within seconds. More than any of the typical super capacitors; the best thing is that they store much more energy.

In order to shorten the gap between just the concept and the reality, the material known as MXene is helping a lot. This technology will take time to be made available publically but it will definitely change the future of smartphones. The development of instant charging battery will help solve the issues with electric car proliferation which could pave the way for further advancement in various devices. According to the researchers, if low-dimensional and electronically conducted materials are used as battery electrodes, batteries can work much faster. This will result in the laptop and phones batteries charging in seconds rather than hours.

Via: The Next Web

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