9 tech skills that pay over $120,000

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Getting a job in the tech industry that has a good salary and a lot of benefits, is not a dream anymore. Experts in the tech industry are being paid extremely well because of their unique tech skills. Every year many new jobs are added in this sector. 200,000 tech jobs were added to the American tech industry. All these jobs do not pay the same, and few of the jobs less because there is not much demand for their skills.
But there are some tech jobs that are demanded very high in the industry and only a few individuals have those skills. These skills are worth commanding decent pay. An artificially intelligent startup named Paysa conducted a survey on 29 programming languages and 248 skills in 569 cities. According to the survey, the following skills were found to be the most in demand globally.

1. PHP:

This PHP programming language is worth $124,475 and is a highly demanded web development. It is also used for many other projects because it is known to be an easy language. In the startup scanning, this skill appeared in 5% of the job listing.

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2. SQL:

Another highly demanded language is SQL which is used with databases such as Oracle, noSQL, and Microsoft SQL. It appeared in 13% of the job listings Paysa scanned. This skill is popular because almost all major businesses use these databases. This skill is capable enough to command up to $126, 532 of a heavy salary.

3. JavaScript:

Appearing in 11% of the job listing, JavaScript is also one of the popular programming languages. It is an important language for web development and is considered extremely easy to learn. The average salary for this skill is $126,988.

4. C++:

For becoming an expert coder, C++ is essential to learn. This language is the one derived from C and appeared in 7% of the job listings. The average salary for the job demanding this skill is $133,954.

5. C:

Another important language that appeared in 5% of the job listings was Paysa scanned. This language is used as a staple for acquiring computer science education and forms the basis of many other languages. There are so many other languages that are easier to learn than C therefore programmers are still trying to figure out whether to continue learning it in the future. The average salary for this skill is $133,691.

6. C#:

This is popular among programmers writing apps and with Microsoft’s web programming tool. Microsoft developed it as an offshoot of C and it has appeared in 7% of the job listings scanned by Paysa. $129,692 is the average salary that is paid to the experts of this language.

7. Perl:

This is another very important programming language and appeared in 5% of the job listings. This language is considered good for all kinds of projects and is known to be an easy language for learning. Jobs demanding this skill are paid $139,214 as an average salary.

8. Java:

Java is different from JavaScript and appeared in 13% of the job listings. It was initially created by Sun Microsystems and now is owned by Oracle. Experts who have this skill are paid $131,962 as an average salary for the job.

9. PL/SQL:

This programming language is basically an extension of Oracle’s databases. This SQL database which is Oracle’s database is famous for its advantages. SQL is highly demanded in the market and the average salary is up to $126,177 for jobs that require this skill.

Via: Business Insider


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