9 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow

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You can make a great passive income to support yourself financially. Sometimes the side gig turns out to be so lucrative that people often hang up their full-time job shoes and focus on their passive income, converting it from passive to active.

These 9 amazing internet-based passive income ideas do not require you to learn any technical skills. By offering one of these, you can lay down a foundation for a good source of regular weekly income.

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1- Start a blog

Just like you are reading this post on a Being Guru blog. You can open your own blog by getting a domain name and hosting it. By writing regularly, you can monetize your blog through financial partner programs such as Google Adsense.

2- Write and publish an ebook

By Utilizing the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform and publishing ebooks, you can make a great income for every copy sold online. Many people who have a flair for writing pick a topic, write about it and publish an eBook to make regular money.

3- Create an online course

Are you good at something? Create a video course, and sell it on Udemy. If you are presentable on camera or have great presentation skills, your course can sell well on their website. On the website, there are hundreds of thousands of courses covering almost every single niche.

4- Produce an audiobook

You can use Audible’s ACX platform to push out your audiobooks to some amazing platforms such as Audible and iTunes. A gentle voice matters a lot. If you can speak well, this could be an amazing financial gig for you.

5- Become an affiliate marketer

You can sell someone else’s product and make a fortune. Amazon’s affiliate partner program enables you to sell unlimited products on your website by pasting a link to that particular product. From $5 to $50k, there are many products and services you can offer for sale. On each sale, as an affiliate marketer, you get a certain percentage as a commission.

6- Develop a smartphone app

By developing a smartphone app that has in-app purchases, you can earn good money for every sale. If you do not know how to develop a smartphone app, you can hire someone to develop it for you for iOS and Android stores and enable in-app purchases. Many people develop tutorials, and game apps with purchases after certain milestones.

7- Sell digital products on Etsy

Etsy is a great resource for people who wish to sell handcrafted goods but not many know that they can also sell digital products on Etsy.

These digital products require little to no maintenance in the long run.

8- Start a YouTube Channel

Just like video courses or audiobooks, you can make good money through Google Adsense by starting a youtube channel. If you can create interesting, attractive videos to grab users’ attention, you can make good money by starting a YouTube channel.

9- Sell professional photos online

Websites such as iStockPhoto and Shutter Stock pay you good money if you are a professional photographer and your pictures are sold on their websites. Many people use photography as a side gig for making passive income and distributing their pictures on websites.

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