8 Strategies to Improve Your Value in Your Chosen Career

During an interview, a hiring manager will aim to identify how much value you could bring to a company if they hired you. Simultaneously, you’ll be attempting to discover how valuable the organization would be for your career development, growth, and satisfaction.As everything comes down to value during the hiring process, you must endeavor to increase your own to become a desirable candidate and secure your dream job. Here are eight strategies to improve your value in your chosen career.

  1. Ask Your Manager

Rather than guessing and missing the mark, ask your current manager how you can provide a company with more value, so you can flourish in a role. For example, they might recommend additional training, certifications, or that you apply yourself more readily in team tasks.

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  1. Become Results Orientated

Both large and small organizations are results-orientated. They want to reach their annual targets with ease and work with employees who can help them do so. If you can help a business experience consistent results and exceed their initial expectations, you will become one of the most valuable employees within that organization. By becoming results orientated, you might quickly climb the career ladder, increase your annual salary, and boost your job satisfaction.

  1. Build Good Bridges

View every person you meet as a potential opportunity to a bigger, brighter position in the company or elsewhere. Even if you’re in a job you view as a stepping stone, aim to build good bridges along the way, as you never know the role they might play in your career in the future.

Get to know many people on both a professional and personal level. As a result, your name might spring to mind when a promotional opportunity arises, or they are looking for a talented candidate for an upcoming role at their new company.

  1. Earn Certifications

Various certifications will prove you have both the desire and hard work ethic to not only improve yourself, but to excel in your chosen role or to enter a new industry. With so many online courses now available, which can work around your busy life, there is no excuse for not growing your skillset and acquiring various certifications throughout your career.

For example, if you are wondering if you should become a nurse practitioner, you could embark on an online FNP program to improve your skillset and enter or grow in the healthcare industry.

  1. Accept Additional Responsibility

While work/life balance is important for maintaining a stress-free lifestyle, it might be possible to take on additional responsibility within your current role. Of course, always be selective when accepting extra tasks to avoid burning out and/or losing passion for your role or a brand.

  1. Network

Networking could not only open a business up to many exciting opportunities with various organizations or professionals, but it could also help you throughout your career. Companies of all sizes want to work with employees who have many connections within their industry. The more relationships you form throughout the years, the more valuable you will become to an employer.

To connect with people both inside and outside of your industry, you should:

  • Reach out to professionals on LinkedIn
  • Attend various industry conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Send a cold email to a potential client or business associate
  • Organize industry events/meetings
  1. Raise Your Profile

Don’t allow a company to restrict your ambition. If you want to raise your profile, look for opportunities to do so outside of the workplace. For example, you could host seminars to share your knowledge or experience. You could also apply to speak at industry conferences, or even write a blog on various topics related to your experience and/or industry.

Building a personal brand could help you to secure a bigger and better position elsewhere, and it could provide advancement opportunities at your existing company.

  1. Gain Experience Across a Business

If you can understand the inner workings of an organization, you could soon be worth your weight in gold to an employer. Gaining experience across different departments will not only provide an insight into how a business operates each day, but the new-found knowledge could be useful in your own career.

After all, you’ll know exactly who to talk to should a problem arise, and it could lead to cross-department collaborations, which can increase a company’s internal productivity and creativity. Plus, it could help you to forge friendly relationships with your co-workers, who might be happy to answer any questions you have and/or help you advance in your career.

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