8 Keys to Personal happiness

Over the course of life, we make career transitions and search out work opportunities that are more fulfilling. We find ways to accelerate personal growth and reach great lengths to change our physical appearance. We do our best to change our negative state of mind and to get rid of the bad habits. We consider everything as a separate change to live a better life but in reality, most of these changes are rooted in a single desire, and that is to live a happy life. We chase life hacks on a quest for increased success and personal advancement but because of the solely-focused approach, we leave behind a major ingredient out of the happiness recipe.

Our habits play a key role in personal happiness; therefore, we must have an idea about them to put in place for attaining personal happiness.

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1 – Write:

For feeling happy and fulfilled, it is important to acknowledge our acomplishments. Even recognizing the smallest steps towards the goal can give us the feeling of achievement. So, even if it is just a paragraph, write everything down about yourself on daily basis.

2 – Remove lies from life:

When we start lying, we do nothing more than weaving a web around which keeps us tangled for all our life. Being honest with ourselves and others gives us inner peace and leaves no regrets.

3 – Being with closest friends:

It is easy to get all the money in the world but what that money cannot buy, is a true friend. Being with the closest friend can make us happy; therefore, we should take time out from our busy lives to be with them.

4 – Practice your hobby:

There are so many things in life that we actually want to do but find it difficult to practice. But we do not realize that even practicing our hobbies for a short period of time gives us so much pleasure. So, we should practice our hobbies on daily basis for feeling happy inside.

5 – Being physically active:

Workout is not just for losing weight or staying fit, it is important for our personal happiness. We should continue our physical activity no matter what age we are in for staying fresh and happy.

6 – Read more:

When it comes to staying happy by learning new things, reading books is best. The more books we read, the broader our vision becomes and it gives us the tolerance to accept other cultures and traditions. The less we focus towards our problem, the more we stay happy and satisfied.

7 – Share your food:

People naturally get attracted to food and sharing it is the best way to connect with them. We should make it a habit to share our lunches and dinners with other people, it will help us learn about them in a better way.

8 – Play like a kid:

When we grow, we think it is necessary to act as a decent adult. But there are times when we want to do something crazy we would have done if we were a child. We should help that inner child by playing games and carrying out all the crazy stuff. It will bring so much inner happiness and will recharge us to deal with challenges of life.

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